How to promote a game
An approach to marketing for game and app developers
The primary goal of marketing is to tell as many (relevant) people as possible about your product.

But even the most perfectly thought-out marketing plan will not save a bugged game. In beautiful English words, games are a product-first market (product-oriented market) and your game should be a solid product, about which marketing team will tell the audience.

There's a belief that "a good product will sell itself." Its followers call themselves product-purists and probably leave comments to each article about failures/problems in games stating that all bad ideas come from marketers. It seems to them that marketing is a parasite, a very greedy, and aggressive one. It's not true.

Product and marketing departments have a common goal - to do something that will come in handy and useful for people, to tell them how to make their life easier. And make money on it.

Even if you imagine that you got the best product in the world that works well and satisfies all needs, be prepared that one day there'll appear Epic Games Store and ruin everything. Competitors will rise, and you will have to fight with them for your audience not leave.

A product becomes "good" when it satisfies some people's needs and responds to their insight. To find these needs and niches you need marketing.

If you don't advertise, then how to tell people about the product?
How to make your game known?

Marketing will help you explain what you have achieved and why someone needs it.

But, of course, first of all, the product must be done.
Preparation for the promotional strategy development stage. Articles about ‹homework›, and all the necessary preparations for the launch.
A stage to test all the hypotheses you have including target audience, fix monetization, and major bugs. Contains articles about benchmarks, testing steps, and best practices.
What you need to remember while publishing the game, how to prepare all the platforms.
The role of community management and quick fixing of bugs.
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